Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Firefox Nightly Campaign

Here is the Blog for the Firefox Nightly  Mozilla Hyderabad Meetup

Amazing experience to meet the new developers from Hyderabad, most of the attendees were working professionals working at different MNC's. Very first we had introduced among ourselves and we discussed a lot about the Mozilla Hyderabad activities and Mozilla INDIA activities and then myself , Santosh and Harsha Vardhan started talking about the projects of Mozilla and how the participants can involve with the contributing team. Slowly we deviated the topic to Firefox Nightly. We asked the attendees to install the Firefox Nightly browser in the android phones as well as in their laptops. Then i Started discussing about the features of the browser and then functionalities of the browser . I have shared the presentation with the attendees and asked all the attendees to use the browser and identify the bugs. Next we discussed how to file a bug and how to report an error using Bugzilla

At last we ended up with the swag distribution


Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Rust Hackathon @ JNTU-K

It was a dream to give a talk in Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, were many colleges are affiliated with [including my college]. We traveled around 1200  K.M [To the Event and From the Event] but we were all ready and energetic for the Big Event named Rust Hackathon which was divided perfectly as day1 would be workshop on Rust and later Day2 was hackathon.

Ill try to keep all it simple and easy to refer :)

Day 1 :  Pleasant Morning Sunshine, people were slowly gathered in the Hall by the time we reach. We sticked to our plan and schedule to be done for the day. Everything went well and the crowd was very interactive with questions.

Schedule was:

  • Introducing to Mozilla and It's projects along with introduction of the speakers/Mozillians                                                               
  • Privacy concepts
  • Lunch
  • Basics of Rust
  • Tea Break
  • Functional Programming                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  • In depth knowledge of Rust, explaining where all Rust can be used to contribute to Mozilla 
  • Intro About Hackathon 
  • Over Night Hackathon
Day 2: The people are working in the hall with there laptops and to building many innovative applications on rust which may be useful to others. Later hours the hackathon was getting into peak level and people were nervous and started off with lots of queries about building there apps [finally it looked like personal hands-on- sessions] but was fun to learn new logic's while building them. Soon after few hours from lunch, people are getting ready to show-off there applications to public . After Demo session we have given Ending Key notes with a wonderful Mozilla Video.

Schedule was:
  •      Hackathon Continues
  •      Lunch
  •      Tea Break 
  •      Hackathon Continues 
  •      Demos 
  •      Prizes 
  •      Closing Note 

Link to Event Images:


Rep: Sai Charan, Harsha
Mozillians:  Raja Sumant

hey Guyz ! back with another event but this time its all about the web development and Firefox OS, A 2 day event workshop and hackathon , is conducted at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University- Kakinada. we a team of 5 (2 reps and 3 Mozillians) have reached the venue a day before a 12 hours traveling in train and in evening spent some time at beach and then returned to the room and took rest for some time had our dinner .

Next day we have reached the university auditorium and gave introduction about Mozilla, Mozilla mission , benefits of contributing to Mozilla , products of Mozilla.and had a break and then kalyan started discussing about the privacy and explained about Mozilla Lightbeem web rtc and hello.

then we had the intro to Html & CSS & Java Script ,then we had a demo app session on building application for Firefox OS and same game application

appreciate and congratulate all the participants for their contribution towards open source - See more at:

Saturday, 3 December 2016


Student Branch Name: Anurag Group of Institutions.
Region: Venktapur

Event Date: 24th September 2016

On 24th September 2016, Co-Ordinators of Mozilla club organized a workshop on Game Development. The only resource person for this workshop was me, had given a Brief idea about game development and its scope in the present world and we had a great intro by Andrjej in the Morning session, Then we had hands on on Construct 2 and how we can use this game engine in building games and what kind of games we can build then we have planned a small quiz on game development and given swag as a token of appreciation for them who have answered correct

Then We had Tummy full of food :P

In the afternoon session, Actual part of developing a game was started and entire session was hands on on the construct 2 tool and canvas JS we developed a basic game namely Flapp Bird just in 20 minutes with construct 2 with enthusiasm and excitement developed nearly 6 games. After completing it, we had Hackathon on Game Development using Canvas and Construct 2 there was nearly 8 good games were developed using the tool and i asked the students to demo the gmaes which they built and then we had prizathon only one game was awarded with swag. The main thing about the event was interaction between me and students was wonderful we had lots of fun and knowledge sharing at last prizes was awarded by the college professor and he had given many clarifications for the students. Finally Asst. Professor had given a speech about the importance of open source software and contributing to them. With that speech Session came to an ended the session with vote of thanks.

Amazing event for one day! 

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

IoT HackHyderabad

IoT HackHyderabad

       The excitement in me woke me up early. With all the freshness & enthusiasm, me and my team headed to Progess office for the first IOT Hackathon conducted by Mozilla. All organizers and volunteers reached by 8:00 & we arranged all that needs to be done. There we saw many enthusiastic people with passion who were eager to put their skills to work for next 32 hours. They collected their ID cards & headed towards the hack zone. I have addressed the participants & discussed the agenda for the weekend which was to learn and build something new without missing out fun :D   Then i have given an insight about Mozilla community & opportunities it brings .

      Then we had a Skype session with Dietrich head of connected devices at Mozilla Dietrich, spoke about how connected devices are going to change the world &mozilla’s mission towards connected devices. Then we had a question and answer session and Dietrich wished our participants & boosted them up.
Later Kalayan discussed about importance of security & privacy in connected world & spoke about IOT risks, Cyber threats & security challenges . He also discussed about how our wearable devices collect huge amount of personal data as well as the surrounding environment information, which can be easily disclosed to third parties & how threat actors adopt sophisticated TTPs . One of the first  under attack  case was observed by Proofpoint where cyber criminals sent  bursts of 100,000 three times per day, targeting enterprises and individuals worldwide,more than a lakh refrigerators ,smart Tv’s and other smart household appliances have been hacked !!! Showing how IoT is dramatically enlarging our attack surface, he also came up with the set of solutions on how to minimize these vulnerabilities :)

       It was lunch time, people interacted with each other. People formed teams & started discussing their innovative ideas. We were helping participants get their required hardware components.15 teams( =15 new ideas :D) started working on their creative ideas. Geeks Harsha, Kalyan , Deepak & Hitesh were helping the hackers build better prototype. People took short naps, some caffeine & samosa (not to be forgotten!) breaks . Special mention to Hitesh & Giridhar for keeping the crowd active with their sense of humor :)

       Sunday (next day) people were almost done ,they started adding additional features & started testing their product. By 12pm their ideas were all set to present. Our judge for the event was Mr.Ramesh CEO of Progress  Software. Such a visionary person he is, he also suggested the participants about how they could go ahead with their product in market.
       Judgment time! Winning team-Smart air conditioning team got first prize and the youngest participant belonged to this team :) they  were awarded with Firefox OS phones:D  Runnerups-Alchol detection team were awarded with Firefox Bags and Goodies :D
        Then we all had tasty biryani as our last meal of the event. Then we had swag distribution bands, tattoos, badges everywhere& everyone captured our perfect weekend in selfies . I learnt about arduino, raspberry pi& got familiar with many other technical aspects & understood that age is never a barrier to do something you like.  As promised by Harsha ,we all had great moments to cherish &32 hours to treasure :D 


Project Titles:
  1. Smart Parking in busy city environment. Monitoring of parking spaces in the city. Monitoring of vibrations and material conditions in buildings, bridges and historical monuments which info is critical to government.
  2. Noise pollution monitoring in Urban and Rural areas Sound monitoring in importan zones like schools,hospitals,residential,factory etc.. in real time.
  3. Traffic Congestion and warning systems. Monitoring of vehicles and pedestrian for efficiant traffic management for driving and walking routes.
  4. Smart Lighting Intelligent and weather adaptive lighting in street lights for efficiant use of power.
  5. Smart Waste Management in cities. Detection of garbage points and rubbish levels in containers to optimize the trash collection routes.
  6. Smart Roads Intelligent Highways with warning messages and diversions according to climate conditions and unexpected events like accidents or traffic jams.
  7. Home automation : project kit that allows user to easily control home appliances and automate homes using Internet of things to control loads.
  8. Ambulance tracking System in Traffic 
  9. PowerSaver using raspberry pi
  10. Thermal Detection 
  11. Alcohol Detection for Drunken People. Helping the Traffic Police of the city
  12. Smart air conditioning
  13. Tagit - smart way of connecting the household things

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Learning GIT

Hey All.
Here is the blog update on Learn Git  event FSA Club  GNITS.
We kickstarted the event by 10 in the morning . Me and Giridhar from the mozilla community who  joined us. Initially I started with the what is  mozilla community and its contributions , explained the students  how can they contribute to it .It was more of a interactive session . Later on I continued with Git and all the students attended the event were made to use Git bash .They were taught about the commands used in Git .
Post lunch we had a session on Privacy by Giridhar where students were given an insight on the addons in Firefox and spoke about the footprints. Then I continued the session with Firefox OS application developement on Web IDE. Lastly we had a session for doubts . We introduced the new FSA Team to all the students .Then was the thank you note by me. Swags distribution and certificate of attendance was given to all the participants . Finally pictures ..:).Hope to have some more events at campus and contribute to mozilla.
GNITS played a key role in WoMoz Community Development in Hyderabad ! Cheers!!!


Saturday, 19 March 2016

NMREC Hackathon

Approximately, 200 developers attended the event and participated in the event event agenda as follows:

NMREC Hackathon :

1st Day

10:00am - 10:30 -- Registrations
10:30 - 10:40 --  Welcome Note , Introduction to Mozilla  & Mozilla mission Video
10:40 - 11:00 -- networking among teams
11:00 - 11:15 -- Break
11:15 - 12:00pm -- Idea Pitching
12:00 - 12:30 -- Demo App for  Firefox OS
12:30 - 01:30 -- Break
01:00pm - 02:00 pm [Day 2 ]-- Hackathon, Dinner,Breakfast,WebMaker, Marketplace submission demo,game development Session.

2nd Day
 2:00pm - 3:00 -- Demos
 4:00 - 4:30 -- Results & Thank you note & Swag Distribution 

1.Firefox OS Device,swag 


Moz Schoolz 3

Hello Folks!
Here is the blog update from the moz schoolz 3 event .

According the schedule we planned for the event we reached  the school on time and organized the event.

As there were 2 sections and there is no place in the school where these many students could accommodate so, we took same sessions for two batches, like wise before lunch and after lunch sessions.

Varun taught the students about the Computers basics and all the peripheurals of the computer and next its me (Harsha) taught the students about the Internet and given complete details of the internet the protocols and Network Sharing and the web maker tool thimble and next Kalyan taught the students about the html and CSS basics and how to start coding and structure of the basic html page.

Later we conducted the Quiz to the students on the internet and open web and given swag for the interacting students and answering students

Later we conducted the Drawing competition on the Topic Open Source all the students took part in the competition and shown their skills :), Hence the winners are awarded with the swag and certificates :)

It was a very good experience in a govt. school where there is no proper education about the computer and Internet, we feel proud and feel Honor to conduct an event in school , and students were eager to know about web technologies and Internet, and even there were asking us to take few more events in their school.

I thank Kalyan , Varun , Deepika , Pranathi , Harsha [My Self :P ] and Sai Charan for helping me in organizing such a success full event.


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